Live Casino Baccarat

Updated: April 19, 2023

Live Casino Baccarat is a common card game, not only gambling but also exciting. Despite its simplicity, it combines strategy, ingenuity, and luck and also brings a lot of fun and the opportunity to spend evenings with benefits. And thanks to technological progress, leaving home somewhere to participate in competitions is unnecessary because you can play baccarat in online casinos. The aim of the game is quite simple. It consists of collecting a combination of cards with points close to or equal to 9.

And most importantly, learning to play baccarat is very easy. This will not be difficult for those familiar with online blackjack or poker. Live baccarat in New Zealand casinos is one of the most popular games.

Top Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos

The list of the best online casinos in New Zealand that offer live dealer baccarat games includes only proven and reliable operators. Our team carefully studied each site and also became a real client. All the online casinos below are worthy of attention and provide the fastest payouts.

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What To Keep in Mind When Choosing a Live Baccarat Casino Site

Finding the best online casino can be quite time-consuming as many nuances exist. Inexperienced punters can easily fall into the networks set by scammers. That is why you should take your choice seriously. The following is a detailed guide on choosing the best live baccarat site.

  • Customer support. Each self-respecting and punter-respecting operator provides several support service communication channels at once. This allows the client to quickly and without delay solve problems that have arisen, as well as find out any information. You can add a point to the site assessment if the managers are friendly and give full answers.
  • Bonus scheme. The bonus policy of an online casino is essential, as its variety and loyal conditions will allow punters to feel comfortable. It would be best to explore the available bonuses when choosing a site with live baccarat. If there are quite a few of them, and there are also low wagering requirements, you can proceed to further verification.
  • Mobile Compatibility. Most casino customers use mobile devices to play. That is why many operators adapt their sites for smartphones and tablets. The presence of a downloadable casino application is also a major plus.
  • Payment Methods. For the most convenient pastime in the casino, you need to be able to replenish your account and withdraw winnings quickly. When choosing a site, the available payment instruments must be considered, and their number must be considered. The more payment methods provided, the better.
  • Safety and Reputation. To operate in the online casino market, it is necessary to have licenses. Documents are issued by authoritative regulators, which subsequently control the operator. The site is reliable if the casino has a license from one of the jurisdictions (Great Britain, Curacao, Malta, and others). Also, customers can be completely confident in their security and not worry about the safety of their data.
  • Payout Timescales. If the casino pays winnings within the standard terms and prescribes this information in the rules, you can not worry and create a personal account. Most verified operators carry out the withdrawal of winnings in the shortest possible time. After all, punters do not like to wait, so the administration seeks to create conditions that allow you to pay money without delay.
  • Game Variety. The variety of games is also important since they consider the presence of baccarat and other entertainment. It is important to be able to bet in pokies provided by various providers – from the most famous to small studios. It would be best to look at what board games are available.

What You Need To Know About Live Casino Baccarat

Online BaccaratLive baccarat at online casinos in New Zealand is especially popular among punters. Users often choose tables with real croupiers, as this gambling entertainment is one of the most original.

The card game has a long history and used to be considered the entertainment of the aristocrats. Now baccarat tables are available in most land-based and online casinos. At the same time, there is a wide choice of rates and the ability to choose even a dealer.

What is Live Baccarat?

Baccarat – or baccarat in Portuguese – is a noble and ancient game. The oldest records date back to the 15th century when it was brought from the Italian courts to France, and baccarat became very popular among the aristocracy.

Baccarat History – Learn About One of the Oldest Card Games

Baccarat is a kind of card game. In translation, the name of the game means “zero.” Its inventor is Felix Falgirein, who showed the Italians new entertainment at the end of the 15th century,

How was it? In 1494, war broke out between Italy and France, as a result of which the French inherited this card game from King Charles VIII, who spread it. The baccarat game became very popular in France’s wealthy society and then conquered Europe and Asia.

However, unlike blackjack, baccarat did not become popular until the 19th century. Before gambling was legalized in France, the game was already played and gained new fans as it expanded.

In the 19th century, the game arrived in the United States, gaining even more fans and being an ideal space for development. And with the advent of the Internet, everything has become even more accessible for New Zealanders, mainly because baccarat is a straightforward game to understand.

As entertainment, baccarat is the “cousin” of blackjack – the punter with the closest to 21 points in his hand wins.

The game logic of baccarat is similar to blackjack. Essentially, the bank distributes cards from the deck to each punter and keeps one for itself. The goal of the game is to reach 9 points. But unlike blackjack, you can bet a certain punter or pot will get closer to 9. That is, you can bet on yourself or on others.

In this sense, the ability to bluff and predict an opponent’s hand is essential to success at baccarat.

Live Casino Baccarat Popularity in New Zealand

Live baccarat gained popularity in New Zealand towards the end of the 20th century with the active development of the online gambling industry. Many users have started to bet at the tables with live croupiers and are getting increasingly involved in this activity. Punters were attracted by the maximum feeling of being in a real institution.

Over time, the demand for baccarat has grown, and now it occupies one of the leading positions in the list of the most exciting games. The simplicity of the rules and the ability to use several winning strategies allows you to quickly understand and spend your free time with the maximum benefit without any problems.

How Live Baccarat at Online Casinos Works

It would be best if you tried games in a live casino to enjoy the unreal atmosphere of excitement fully. Instead of using an RNG and a computer to determine the outcome, real-time games use real decks of cards and real dealers.

Live dealer baccarat is streamed online from a dedicated game studio where the casino baccarat table is located. Like in a real casino, you can chat with a dealer and feel the excitement of a real casino game – all this will be available without leaving your home.

Check if the casino offers this feature before registering if you want to play a live baccarat game. Even though the popularity of live casino games is growing, some smaller casinos still do not offer a wide selection of these games.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Live Casino Baccarat Online

There are many reasons why the game of baccarat has become legendary. The popularity of the game is as follows:

  • Easy to play. It has simple rules that are easy to learn and understand. Whether you have played a card game before or not, everything is as simple as possible.
  • Yield. Baccarat has a fairly high profitability compared to other casino games. The payout ratio is 1:1 for punter side bets, 1:0.95 for banker bets, and 1:8 for draw bets. There are also double, big and small bets with payouts up to 1:25.
  • More chances to win. Regardless of which side of the bet you choose, there is a chance to win. There are also many different betting options.
  • Ability to use strategies. This game allows you to use formulas and hints. Methods are diverse, and there are many of them, which makes the style of play of each person individual.
  • Game with live croupiers. Live broadcast, sent directly from casino operators’ offices, makes the game process more exciting. Punters get the feeling as if they were playing in a real casino. Honesty is visible in a live dealer casino because punters will see the distribution, laying out, and drawing of cards at every stage.
  • Game with sexy dealer girls. Some punters are interested in shuffling, dealing with, and handling sexy croupiers. The live dealer format is quite realistic, and the dealers fascinate by their beauty.
  • A large number of punters at the tables. Each room has a dedicated dealer at each table. No more problems with the game when there is no place or table. There is also an exclusive VIP room and exciting tournaments.
  • Short rounds. The round takes only 1 minute, starting with betting and playing cards. Everyone can find time to play.

It is believed that there is a chance to win more than half when using strategies. There is nothing complex or difficult to understand about baccarat. If you know this game, it is not difficult to earn money on it. The main thing is to play online baccarat at the best casino in New Zealand.

Free Online Baccarat vs. Real Money Live Casino Baccarat

There are not many casinos on the Internet that offer free baccarat games. As a simple game of chance, baccarat is considered a game that does not take much practice to get used to. However, with increasing competition between casinos, it’s only a matter of time.

However, several casinos allow customers to play online baccarat without using real money. This is usually for fun, and such users cannot win money at the casino.

It is best to play baccarat online for real money right from the start. No amount of practice will make a better punter. One can waste winning opportunities in free play while making money from those rounds.

Deposit money into your gaming account takes a few simple steps, which you can then use to play online baccarat. However, no matter how simple the game is, you need a financial management strategy. Determine the bankroll that can be used in the game session, and divide it into amounts for each round.

Live Dealer Baccarat Casino Software

Several companies offer online casino baccarat games. And the user must choose a baccarat option from a reliable provider to avoid problems with playing or withdrawing winnings.

Each developer offers classic game options, but at the same time, the studios differ in design, as well as the professionalism of the dealers. Casino customers can choose the most acceptable options, and such an opportunity is always provided.

Who Makes Baccarat Casino Software?

To understand a little more about each developer, we have prepared a list of the top 5 Live Baccarat Providers in New Zealand casinos:

  • Evolution gaming. When it comes to baccarat casinos, Evolution Gaming is the benchmark. Because in addition to offering several other live games, this provider also has tables with different limits, which allows you to play regardless of your budget. Evolution Gaming provides Speed ​​Baccarat, Baccarat Squeeze, and Lightning Baccarat.
  • Pragmatic Play. Another well-known provider of baccarat games. In addition, to live dealer games, this provider is active in the market and random number generator games, offering options such as speed baccarat and standard baccarat with very affordable limits for all types of punters.
  • Vivo gaming. Even though this developer is lesser known than Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play, it also offers good quality games. Baccarat from this provider is known for its speed and dynamism. Varieties of baccarat from Vivo Gaming are Bulgaria Baccarat, Galaxy Baccarat, and Quenco Baccarat.
  • XPG. The company pays special attention not only to the game but also to the dealers who play the game. Baccarat variants are standard, and the game is played traditionally, but the big advantage is that the dealers, on the other side of the screen, put on real shows for the punters.
  • Microgaming. Microgaming focuses on RNG baccarat games, i.e., random number generators. This provider’s main games are Microgaming Baccarat Gold, Squeeze Baccarat and Microgaming Baccarat. The traditional models allow the punter to play without talking to the dealer.

Mobile Live Dealer Baccarat

Playing baccarat anywhere shows why mobile online casinos are so popular. If you enjoy using your mobile phone, you can bet freely at a live dealer table while away from home. Most major online casinos provide access to their sites from a mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

Live Casino Baccarat Apps

Some sites offer a mobile application with baccarat. You need to download an application that will provide quick access to the site at any time. In addition, you can get special bonuses right on your phone.

Things to Consider When Playing Using a Mobile Device

But first, you should ensure a good Internet connection, and then go to your favourite site from your phone. Download the casino through the browser and find the desired game. It is usually just as easy to play on mobile as on desktop. Most casinos offer a customized interface or an additional application with a lightweight template to increase download speed.

Live Casino Baccarat Games are Available

In the classic version, the punter makes decisions. For example, take or not take the third. RTP is one of the lowest among casino table games, at 98.94%. Almost all modern online casinos offer not classic baccarat but mini-version. In it, the punter makes no decisions except for choosing a bet. All actions are performed by the dealer and, in the case of playing the virtual version, by the software.

Baccarat has existed in the casino for a long time, which was the impetus for the emergence of different game variations. Today you can find many options. The number of offers can be confusing for beginners, so let’s look at some of the most popular games.

Multi-Camera Baccarat

One of the most popular versions of baccarat, which allows the punter to enjoy maximum realism. Each client’s sensations resemble those he experiences while in a land-based casino. Shooting from different angles and supporting close-ups thanks to modern equipment is the main feature of the Multi-Camera Baccarat.

Single Punter Baccarat

This type of baccarat is one of the easiest table games to learn. The software takes care of all the intricacies of the “third card” rules, so placing a bet is as easy as flipping a coin. In this case, the user plays alone. This is the perfect option for a beginner.

Multi-Seat Baccarat

The most popular type of game in which several users are at the same table at once. Its principle is no different from ordinary entertainment. There will be other customers only at the baccarat table in a live casino. Their cards will not be visible, so the whole concept of the game is preserved, as in a real institution.

Some customers prefer to choose Dual Play Baccarat. This is broadcast from a land-based casino, so punters sitting at a real table and punters on their smartphones or tablets can enjoy the game.

Speed ​​Baccarat

This version is designed specifically for casino customers who do not like to wait. The fastest game possible, without any ceremony. All cards are dealt face down, with additional dealing even faster. For example, Evolution Gaming released this game with a hand of 27 seconds.

Lightning Baccarat

The very first game to feature payout multipliers. Before each hand, the user can choose up to five cards. They can have a 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 8x win multiplier. When a punter is dealt one or more of these cards that will bring victory, it pays an additional multiplier. But usually, there is a 20% commission.

Live Baccarat Squeeze

One of the most original versions, as it contains a ritual of slowly revealing the meaning of the card by turning over its edges. The user has the right to look at the markings and try to determine the card’s meaning. The dealer performs this process.

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze

One of the most interesting versions of Live Baccarat Squeeze. Here, the punter himself controls the process of revealing the card. He can use a computer mouse and cursor to fold back a corner of the card to see its value.

Mini Baccarat

This is a smaller version of the standard game. The difference lies in the number of cards inside the shoe and the bet. In Mini Baccarat, the dealer is the only banker, meaning the game moves quickly and dynamically. In Classic, punters take turns acting as bankers, making the game move at a slow pace.

Peek Baccarat

This game is a variation of Live Baccarat Squeeze but with completely new rules. In this version, the dealer shows up to four cards after they are dealt. The punter can increase the bet by 2 or 3 times. There is also a 20% commission.

Golden Wealth Baccarat

This version is similar to Lightning Baccarat but with a major difference. In each round, five cards will be selected, which are endowed with a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x or 8x. There will also be a 20% commission.

Progressive Baccarat

In this baccarat, punters are waiting for an additional bet. Thanks to it, you can get a progressive jackpot. But this version of the game is rare since only Playtech offers it in the casino.

No Commission Baccarat

One of the most interesting and original versions of baccarat. In it, the banker wins with a score of 1:1, while the participant is considered a loser if there are 6 distributions.

Punto Banco

The American version of the game has a Spanish title that originated in Cuba. It was there that the game initially became very popular. By the way, American Baccarat usually has the same rules as Punto Banco. Usually, some options are available in this variety when they allow you to take an additional card for certain combination values.

How to Play Live Casino Baccarat Online

The rules of Live Dealer Baccarat are quite simple, so even a newbie to the casino will be able to figure it out. It is enough to learn the basic meanings of the card and the principles of the set of cards.

The punter chooses the amount of the bet and one of the boxes on the table: punter (punter), banker (bank), and tie (draw). Then the dealer deals two cards to the punter and then to himself. The task is to score nine points or at least more than the dealer. Ace – one point, cards from two to nine – at face value, tens and all the “pictures” – ten points. If the punter or dealer scores more than ten points, ten points are subtracted from this total, for example:

  • The punter has a queen-nine in his hand. Ten is subtracted – it turns out 9 points.
  • So tens, jacks, queens and kings are worth zero points.

In some cases, the dealer deals a third card to the punter and himself. These are the cases:

  • When a punter has 0-5 points.
  • When the dealer has 0-5 points and the punter does not take a card.
  • If the punter takes the third card, the dealer distributes it to himself, depending on the number of points he scored and the face value of the punter’s third card.

How To Start Playing Live Casino Baccarat

Every baccarat starts with bets. A participant can play for himself, for a draw and the bank – by placing chips in the appropriate fields.

  • After the bets are made, the participant is dealt 2 cards.
  • The essence of the game is to score 9 points.
  • The face value determines the value of the cards.
  • The participant and the banker are dealt 2 cards; if the participant scores less than 5 points, he is dealt one more card.
  • In turn, the banker is also dealt another card, provided he has less than 4 points in his hand.
  • Otherwise, the participant and the banker do not receive a third card.
  • The winner is the one who scored 9 points or more in the distribution.
  • Bets are paid on the winning of the field on which the bet was placed.

Card Values

According to the basic rules, cards are endowed with standard values. Aces are worth one point. Tens, jacks, queens and kings have a face value of 0 points. Cards 2 to 9 have a value of 2 to 9 points, respectively. It should be noted that if the number of points equals 10 or more, then 10 is subtracted from them.

For example, if a punter has an “eight” and a “ten” in his hands, then 10 must be subtracted from 18, resulting in 8 points that the punter has collected.

How The Hand Totals Work

The first action in baccarat is always taken towards the punter’s hand. He is given two cards, which the dealer then turns over. A third card is dealt if the total amount ranges from 0 to 5. If the total score varies from 6 to 9, then the punter stands, that is, does not receive additional cards.

The banker’s hand also receives two cards. The third additional card is no longer dealt if the banker has 7, 8 or 9 points. However, this only happens if the first two cards have a total value between 0 and 3. The banker has a 3, and the punter has an 8.

The banker has an advantage over the punter, who gets the cards second. Many experts believe the banker wins more than 50% of the time.

Winning Hands

A hand with a score between 8 and 9 is considered natural. Having it, the punter automatically wins and beats any banker’s hand. The only exception is when the banker’s hand is equal to 8-9 points. If the punter rolled 8 and the banker rolled 9, the banker’s bet wins, and vice versa.

Bets in Live Baccarat Casino

There are several types of bets in baccarat. Bets on the punter, the Banker and the Draw represent standard options. They are typical for this entertainment. In some varieties of baccarat, there may be additional bets.

Bet on Banker, Punter or Tie

Bid Peculiarities Pay
Punter A bet on a punter’s win. If the participant wins, the banker takes all the bets placed on the pot, draws, and pays out. 1:1
Tie Bet on a draw (on equal points for the banker and the punter). If the punter wins, the croupier takes all the bets made on the participant and the pot and pays out the bets made on a draw. 8:1
banker Bank wins the bet. If the participant wins, the croupier takes all the bets placed on the participant and a draw and pays for the bets made on the pot. The unusual thing about this bet is that, according to the rules of the game of baccarat, as a result of a win, a commission of up to 5% is taken towards the casino. 1:1

It should be noted that commission on banker bets is charged in almost all types of baccarat in a live casino. This is due to the distribution of the third card, which significantly increases the chances of winning. Usually, the commission fee is 5%.

Individual tie bets are rarely used in casinos. If the punter and the banker have the same value of cards at the end of the deal, the croupier announces “égalité – draw bet.” All draw bets will be paid out at 8 to 1-odds, and all punter or banker bets will stand and be active for the next game.

Rebet, Clear Bet, & Double Bet

As soon as the distribution is over, the distribution of the winnings is carried out. Next, each participant in the baccarat game will have a choice for the next round. He will be presented with three options:

  • Rebet – repeat the bet that was made in the previous round;
  • Clear bet – remove chips and start again;
  • Double bet – double the previous bet.

Side Bet Descriptions for Live Baccarat Casino

There are also additional bets in live baccarat, which provide an even more dynamic game process. Usually, they are endowed with higher payout ratios so that the punter may receive a pleasant surprise by the main distribution of cards.

Pairs Side Bets

The most common and highest-paying side bet. The participant bets that the banker or the punter will have the same pair of cards. If this event occurs, then a 25:1 reward is paid. This is quite an impressive amount, although the probability of this event is quite low.

There are also other variations of this additional bet. For example, a Perfect Pair involves receiving cards of the same suit from any of the participants. The payout combination is 25:1. But when betting on any pair, you can get a payout of 5:1 if any participant has the first two cards that make up a pair.

Further Optional Side Bets

There are other options for additional bets, which are presented in various types of live baccarat. The following are the most famous and sought-after:

  • Big/Small is a bet on the number of cards dealt in one game round. A large bet involves distributing five or six cards, but a small one – four. The bet pays 1.5:1.
  • Bonus or Dragon Bonus – a bet based on the difference in winning points between hands. The larger the range, the larger the payout. You can get up to 30 bets maximum.
  • Sum Bonus – bet on the total amount of points. It involves counting two hands after a round has been played. The payout depends on the number of points earned. The maximum possible payout is 50:1.
  • Lucky 6 – This bet is only available in baccarat with no commission. It stipulates that the sum of the hand will be equal to six.

This is just a short list of side bets. Providers take a personal approach and offer various options in their live baccarat variations at New Zealand online casinos.

Side bet RTPs

Additional rate RTP casino
Couple Banker/Gambler 11.25%
The perfect couple 17.07%
Any pair 14.54%
Small bet 5.27%
Big bet 4.35%

Online Baccarat Minimum and Maximum Bets

The range of bets in live baccarat depends on numerous factors. First of all, providers themselves can set limits. And secondly, casino operators also use restrictions. Usually, the range of bets is quite wide.

The standard baccarat table generally accepts bets between $1 and $100 (or equivalent currency). There are also VIP tables where you can place higher bets.

Third Card Rules

The Third card rule is used if no eight or nine are in hand. Since the first two cards of the punters are revealed first in any round, they begin with them. However, the banker’s side depends on several things, including the cards on the table.

Punters Third Card Rule

  • If the punter’s first two cards add up to 0-5, the punter receives an additional card.
  • If the punter’s first two cards are 6 or 7, no new cards are dealt, and the banker’s starting hand is revealed next.

These are the standard rules for baccarat. Almost all varieties that can be found in live casinos work in the same way.

Dealers Third Card Rule

The banker’s side uses both their total and the punter’s extra cards to decide what to do next.

If the punter has only two cards, the same Baccarat third card rules apply to the banker’s side. However, if the punter has three cards on the table, other conditions apply:

  • A third card is dealt if the first two banker cards add up to 0-2.
  • If the banker’s hand is 3, another card is dealt (except when the punter’s third card is 8).
  • If the first two cards have a total of 4, the third card is issued only if the punter has a card of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • If the banker has a hand totalling 5, he draws another card, but on the condition that the opponent’s third card is 4, 5, 6 or 7.
  • If the banker has 6 cards, the third card is dealt (if the punter has 6 or 7).

Live Baccarat Payouts For Bets

Baccarat payouts at standard rates are quite low, but the punter edge is always very high. So:

  • Banker’s rate. In case of a successful outcome, the payout is 1:1. Here, it is necessary to consider the commission of 5% when receiving a winning result.
  • Punter’s bet. There is no commission per hand, and the payout will be 1:1.
  • I bet on a draw. Has the highest payout of 8:1.

Live Baccarat Odds

Minimum bets at a Mini Baccarat table (7 punters) are usually around $25; at traditional tables (14 punters), they are around $100. These minimum stakes get much higher at the exclusive tables at the major casinos. Understanding the odds will help minimize losses.

You can choose from 3 types of bets: bet on the banker, punter or a draw in between. It is not recommended to bet on a draw, but if the user wants to risk and tickle his nerves, place a bet. It is better to try not to make it a habit, as money will be lost eventually.

The banker’s odds are slightly higher than the punter’s because the banker’s hand is determined after the punter’s hand. In other words, the banker knows what he must take before he decides whether to take the card. However, the punter who wins the banker bet must pay a 5% commission to the casino, which almost equals the odds.

Even with a 5% commission, the house edge is 1.17% for bankers and 1.36% for punters. This means there is no reason to bet on a punter other than the pleasure of betting on his hand.

You can play baccarat for free and apply game strategies in practice without jeopardizing your own money.

Baccarat RTP and House Edge

The house edge at standard baccarat bets is:

  • Banker – 1.06%.
  • Punter – 1.24%.
  • Draw – 14.36%.

However, even a small house edge reduces the chances of winning. Baccarat is considered to be a game with high odds and payouts.

Basic Strategies for Playing Live Baccarat

Top Paying CasinosThe house edge in Baccarat is the lowest of all casino games. The casino only has a 1.4% edge on bank rates, one of the best odds in online casinos and real establishments.

By applying strategies in baccarat, the punter will have more realistic chances of winning, as he can reduce the house edge. Also, by knowing the best ways to bet, the user can better manage their money and avoid impulsive and losing games.

Mathematical facts about baccarat:

  • In baccarat, the chances of winning a punter’s hand outweigh the chances of losing the pot. The punter’s hand will win 44.62% of the time. The banker’s hand will lose 45.85%.
  • Draws are rare, but they do happen. The probability of a draw is 9.53%, and the payout is 8:1, but the casino has a huge edge on these bets.
  • If left tied, the banker’s hand will win about 51% of the time. That 1% is a small advantage, but it’s better than the odds of getting heads or tails. If the punter is unsure what bet to make, giving it to the banker is better.

Card Counting

One of the main strategies is to avoid betting on a draw. In baccarat, most of the strategies are more related to the punter’s intuition than the logic of mathematics. Thus, strategies are developed individually, and each punter chooses the most convenient.

  • In the course of bets, punters monitor the result of previous bets. At the same time, they track which results come out more often and whether they are more favourable for the bank or the punters. So tactics vary.
  • Another example is when some punters decide to bet on the banker until he wins and then change the bet on the punter. Others prefer to bet against the last result, and so on. The most important thing is ensuring the game’s rules are fully understood.

One of the most common strategies is card counting. There is little difference between a banker’s and a punter’s winning hand, so there are several opportunities to bet on a winning hand. You need to play baccarat with 6 or 8 decks to use this strategy.

The rules for counting cards in baccarat are as follows:

  • They count 1 point for each ace, two or three dealt from the “shoe” (a box designed to use many decks simultaneously and draw one card at a time).
  • Count 2 for every four issued from the “shoe.”
  • They count minus 1 when a five, seven, or eight falls out.
  • They count minus 2 when a six is ​​dealt.
  • Count 0 when any king, queen, jack, ten, and nine are dealt.

They continue to count while the game goes from one “shoe.” The more points, the higher the chances of winning a bet on a punter.

  • As soon as the score reaches 16, it is better to bet on the punter than on the banker,
  • They continue to bet on the banker. They continue to bet on the banker when it is less than 16.

Betting on a draw is quite risky. Each time a new “shoe” is used, counting starts again.

The theory behind card counting is that the house edge depends on the cards left in the deck. When minus five, six, and eight are rolled, the advantage of the house is in favour of the punter, and similarly, when minus one, two, three, and four are rolled, the advantage of the house is in favour of the banker. The user can decide which bet is the best by keeping track of which cards are no longer in play and which are left.

The reality is that long-term odds have little effect on short-term results, and a banker will always win a little more, even if he has won the last 10 or 20 hands in a row.

It is up to the punter to decide whether to experiment or not. However, as we have said before, baccarat is a game of chance, and there is little that a user can do to change their odds once the hand has already begun. But he can test the card counting method and then decide whether it is useful.

Tips for Live Dealer Baccarat Playing

Very often, people wonder if this game is worth playing. The answer is simple – definitely yes. After studying the rules of playing baccarat online, we understand that there is a small percentage of casino superiority in the game itself. Therefore, you should not use different systems since everything is already available in the game.

What is worth paying attention to is what type of bet is better to use to increase the chance of winning. There are 3 types of bets; one is not very profitable for the punter, and you should immediately forget about it.

According to the current rules, a punter’s most successful and winning bet is the banker bet. If we consider, for example, a bet on the punter, then the advantage of the casino at this rate is 1.24%, and at the bet on the banker, it will mainly decrease to 1.06%. From this, you should not conclude that the bet on the punter is worse, and you should not bet on it.

Here, as well as in roulette, everything depends on the punter’s intuition. However, if you bet on the banker every time, the game will become tedious and monotonous, so both bets are based on the same superiority of the casino. It should also be considered that the chances on the punter for a longer game should be less than the bets on the banker.

In many casinos, punters are allowed to play baccarat with a different number of decks. According to the game’s basic rules, the smaller the number of decks in the game, the less the superiority of the casino will be realized. This allows you to increase the participant’s advantage over the casino significantly.

Bid There are 8 decks in the game There are 6 decks in the game
For a draw 9.52% 45.87%
Per Punter 44.62% 9.51%
On the banker 45.86% 44.63%

Thus, if the game is played with 6 decks, the house edge will be slightly lower than when playing with 8 decks.

Baccarat has a commission that is charged on winnings. In the standard case, this is 5%, a 1.05% house edge if you bet on the banker. However, there are casinos where the commission is 4%, reducing the gambling house’s advantage to 0.6%.

What not to do in baccarat:
  • Don’t start betting without knowing the rules of baccarat.
  • Baccarat has higher minimum stakes than most games. This differs from casino to casino. Do not put your chips in the game without ensuring the value of the minimum bets.
  • Don’t bet on a draw. Draws happen once every 9.5 hands, so you can lose much money expecting such a result.
  • When the user is on a winning streak, do not bet for a long time, as losing everything on losing bets is possible.

Live Baccarat Casino Bonus Offers

Bonuses are one of the best aspects of online casinos. In most cases, you can use your bonus to play baccarat, which will be very convenient. Almost every casino offers a welcome bonus for new punters. If the user registers for the first time, he can receive a favourable offer for the first deposit.

Usually, promotions give bonus money. Their amount depends on the deposit. Most casinos will allow you to use these funds to play baccarat. Bonuses are subject to rules that limit withdrawals. Bonus money can only be paid out after wagering. In some cases, the requirements are high.

Live Casino Baccarat Bonus Types

All baccarat casino bonuses can be divided into several main types:

  • Welcome package, which is available immediately after registration with the first deposit.
  • Reload bonuses are issued on subsequent deposits. They can vary from 10% to 100%. It is extremely rare for a larger amount to be offered.
  • Special promotions are dedicated to special calendar holidays or days. Thanks to these bonuses, you can also get additional funds for betting in baccarat.

The variety of bonuses in proven and reliable online casinos is always large. Therefore, each client will be able to choose the best option.

Best Baccarat Bonuses

The best baccarat bonuses can only be found at trusted online casinos in New Zealand. Our team offers a list of the most popular and profitable promotional offers that are available to new punters:

  • FastPay – 100% bonus up to NZ$150 on your first deposit. Wager requirements are 50x. It also provides for the issuance of 100 free spins.
  • InstantPay – 100% up to NZ$150 First Deposit Bonus to all new customers. The wagering requirement is 50x.
  • Casino4U – 100% bonus up to NZ$150 for the first deposit and 100 free spins. The wager is 60x.
  • WildBlaster – 100% up to NZ$150 first deposit bonus with a 60x wagering requirement. Also, an additional 100 free spins are given on pokies, allowing you to spin the reels of popular pokies.

Live Baccarat Casino Payment and Withdrawal Methods

To start playing baccarat in a New Zealand live casino, you must know everything about depositing and withdrawing winnings. Most operators offer quite an impressive selection of methods to suit every punter’s needs. The most common payment methods include:

  • Credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) are the most secure payment methods. You can make deposits and withdraw winnings, but there are some nuances. Firstly, there are rather low limits on transactions, and secondly, you must wait to pay funds within 1-3 days.
  • Electronic wallets (Skrill, Netteler) are New Zealanders’ fastest payment method more often than others. This is due to the maximum protection of personal data when processing transactions and the speed of their processing. All deposits and withdrawals are credited within 15 minutes. It is extremely rare for a payment to take longer.
  • Prepaid cards (Paysafecard) can be purchased online or at a local store. They are available only to replenish the account, but their main advantage lies in the complete confidentiality of the punter’s identity. After all, it is not tedious to enter any personal data.
  • Cryptocurrencies are available at many online casinos. After all, this payment method is considered the fastest and most reliable. Playing Live Baccarat With Bitcoin is as easy as using your local currency.

It is worth noting that the online casino does not charge a commission when using any method. Only in certain cases, provided for by the rules, may additional fees be applied

Gambling Aware

If a punter thinks they or someone they know may have a gambling problem, there are a few behavioural signs to look out for:

  • Mood swings are caused by gambling.
  • An attempt to hide bet sizes from family or friends.
  • Trying to borrow money to play in a casino.
  • Games are played for a long time without interruption.
  • Gambling is preferred over other important commitments.
  • Gambling takes up most of the time.
  • The established limits are not adhered to.
  • Gambling causes regret or suffering.

If you have several symptoms at once, you should try to get rid of the addiction yourself using simple tools:

Here are some of the tools available to help clients manage their gambling:

  • Set or reduce limits through the casino account dashboard.
  • Take a break by contacting support.
  • Use the self-exclusion program.

If you cannot overcome addiction alone, you should contact special help centres. They professionally help to get rid of cravings for gambling.

Final Take

Baccarat is one of the easiest casino games to play, but not the easiest. With few rules and a short hand length, the game is great for high rollers and all other punters. Baccarat allows you to place bets quickly, and the odds of winning are suitable for playing big. Baccarat is perfect for those who don’t want to think about complicated moments, different stakes and rules or those who want to make big bets with a minimum number of possible outcomes.

Live Baccarat Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try live baccarat for free first?

Any simulators or online casinos themselves allow you to play baccarat for free. The real game is played for real money.

Are live baccarat games rigged?

No, the studio employs professional dealers who distribute cards live. It is impossible to falsify the result of any round in baccarat.

How does live baccarat compare to other live dealer games?

Baccarat differs from other live dealer games only by the house edge. For example, American 2-zero roulette has one of the biggest house edge numbers of 5.26%. This figure can decrease to 2.7% if you play European roulette with one zero. In baccarat, the advantage is 1.06% if you bet on the banker or 1.24% on the punter. In blackjack, the house edge for the average punter is approximately 2%.

Is Live Baccarat difficult to Play?

Baccarat is a simple game because the dealer does all the work. The punter only needs to choose the type of bet: a bet on the punter’s hand, the banker’s hand, or a draw. The game’s goal is to score 9 points as quickly as possible. There are not many solutions since the rules are predetermined. All you have to do is choose who to bet on: the punter, the pot, or, more rarely, a tie-in between.

How many decks are used in Live Baccarat?

Baccarat is usually played with eight decks in casinos, and they are shuffled before each hand. Six-deck options are also available. The number of decks has little effect on the final probabilities, so this factor should not be considered when forming any strategy.

Can the dealer see me when playing Live baccarat?

No, the live casino dealer cannot see the punter. The process is configured so that only the user can watch the croupier’s actions using webcams.

Can I chat with the Live Dealer or Other punters when playing baccarat?

You can only communicate with the dealer. For this, a special chat is provided, in which you can ask a question or write a text that the croupier will read.

Do all online casinos offer live baccarat?

No, not all online casinos offer baccarat. Therefore, our team has specially compiled a list of reliable and verified sites where you can find this legendary game with a live dealer.

Are live baccarat games licensed and legal?

You can play baccarat online if you get access to a reliable casino. Don’t worry about New Zealand laws, as casinos offering this game are located overseas.

Why Are You Live Dealer Baccarat Stakes Higher?

This is due to broadcast costs, so providers set this requirement. After all, no one wants to work without profit, only investing.

Why do big punters prefer baccarat?

The share of casino winnings is small, meaning the higher the stakes, the greater the potential winnings.

Is there any point in trying to calculate cards in baccarat?

It isn’t very easy. In theory, you can try counting the cards, but it will be more difficult than in blackjack. This will require complex calculations, time and considerable effort.

Can strategies be used to win?

Many of the strategies that are used in roulette can also be applied to baccarat. However, most of them are just positive progression based on the delusion that if one event happened several times, then the opposite must necessarily happen soon.

What is the difference between baccarat and punto banco?

Punto banco and baccarat are very similar, but the difference between Punto banco is that only the casino is responsible for the distribution of cards. When you play online, you cannot deal cards to yourself, so you can say that this is the same game but with different names. However, different casinos and gaming operators may have different additional bets, options and payouts.

How to win at casino baccarat?

Choose models with the maximum theoretical return and make the most profitable bets. This is usually a bet on the banker to win.

How many betting positions are there on the baccarat table?

You can bet on the punter, banker or draw at the baccarat table, regardless of the option. But you must know that the banker has the smallest house edge of all three options.

What is the difference between online and offline baccarat?

Live baccarat is played at real casino tables and requires the punter to travel to a country that offers the game in land-based casinos. Online baccarat is a variant that can be played over the Internet, even from mobile devices.

Can you play Bitcoin baccarat?

Of course, if the online casino of your choice allows you to create a Bitcoin account. Or replenish the casino account in bitcoins. We recommend choosing only verified casinos from our list. And there is an online casino for bitcoins.

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