The best roulette strategies

There are many strategies for gambling, including roulette. While some argue about the pointlessness of betting systems, others talk about big wins thanks to it. To determine how effective they are, you will need to independently study different types of strategies and compare them with each other. The principle of operation is quite simple and understandable after a short acquaintance with the rules. What are the most successful roulette strategies and how do they work?

Time-tested roulette systems and strategies that work

All strategies can be conditionally divided into fixed and progressive ones. In the first case, the amount of bets remains the same for each subsequent run of the roulette wheel. In the case of using a progressive strategy, the size of the bets changes after each result. This method is riskier, but at the same time, it makes it possible to get large sums of money.

The most famous roulette strategy

There are some really popular strategies that almost all punters are familiar with. But the most famous of them is the Martingale strategy. It is actively used by punters around the world. Besides roulette, it can be used in other types of games with variable rates – pokies, and blackjack.

REFERENCE! In contrast to the well-known system, another one called Anti-Martingale (Reverse Martingale) was developed. The actions in it are completely opposite to the original strategy. Over time, there were many fans of this strategy.

Features of progressive roulette betting systems

The progressive system is the ability to manage your bankroll. Each new bet increases or decreases, depending on what was the result of the previous spin. By constantly increasing the rates, the gambler runs the risk of losing all the money much faster, so such systems are quite risky. Starting using these strategies, you should immediately set a budget limit for the game and not go beyond it.

Which systems are progressive:

  • Martingale;
  • Anti-Martingale;
  • D’Alembert.

The decision on what exactly to bet money on (number, range of numbers, colour) remains with the punter. Progressive strategies are only about changing the size of the bet.

  • A negative system is one that leads to the minimum loss. In this case, the rate increases when you lose and decreases when you win.
  • A positive strategy means an increase in the bet if you win and vice versa. It leads to an increase in the final payoff.

REFERENCE! The opportunity to reduce costs when using a progressive strategy is to limit the increase in the amount for each launch to 2–3 steps.

What are non-progressive roulette strategies?

Non-progressive, or fixed, strategies are more stable. They do not imply a change in the size of the bet with each new launch of the roulette wheel. The system consists in changing actions and telling the punter exactly where to put money. The most famous examples of strategies are:

  • James Bond System;
  • Labouchere;
  • Double Six.

Mistakes frequently made by punters in roulette strategies

The main mistake when playing roulette with a strategy is the confidence to win. Punters often spend very large sums hoping that sooner or later they will beat the casino. In fact, no strategy can guarantee a win. You need to place bets deliberately and carefully, clearly regulating the spent bankroll. First of all, it is important to decide what will be the greatest amount of loss in case of failure. You cannot spend more than planned, so as not to harm your budget.

What other mistakes are made when using strategies:

  • The punter constantly changes strategies in the game. One of them does not have time to give a result, as the other is already being replaced. You should make at least 10 launches of the strategy and then change it to another in case of failure.
  • On the contrary, the punter persists in using an ineffective strategy. If after 10 or more series it is clear that the result is unsuccessful, it is better to try using a different betting system.
  • The choice of American roulette reduces the chances of winning due to the presence of two cells “0” and “00”. Especially at the beginning of acquaintance with the game, it is better to choose the type of roulette with increased chances of winning.

Why do most systems fail?

The roulette game is set to drop numbers in random order. This suggests that each subsequent time, the chances of getting the desired number remain the same as the previous one. For example, if the black colour dropped out several times, next time it will drop out regardless of what the previous result was. Based on this, it can be argued that there is no point in strategies.

But you can look at it from the other side. If we turn to the theory of probability, then the chances of getting the same number several times in a row are almost impossible. Accordingly, each loss will bring the punter closer to the moment when the win occurs. Based on this opinion, the most profitable will be a positive progressive strategy like Martingale.

Casinos don’t want punters to know these roulette strategy secrets

Online casinos try to emphasize the fact that numbers are always random. At the same time, most of the strategies are developed on mathematical calculations of the probability of falling out of numbers or colours. A punter who uses a betting strategy gets an increased chance of winning.

Online casinos try to present all types of roulette as equally profitable, with equal chances of winning. In fact, the most winning ones are French and European roulettes. America gives the lowest percentage of returns to punters.

A bet on one number is the riskiest, there is a low probability of hitting the desired cell out of 37–38 cells. The online casino will remind you that the winning rate when closing one number is much higher than when choosing several numbers. However, this significantly reduces the chances of winning.

Casino bonuses also increase the chances of winning. If a punter has been given incentive cash, it can often be used for roulette.

Martingale betting strategies

The Martingale strategy is a simple sequence of actions. First, the punter makes a minimum bet on any number, range of numbers, colour, and so on, at his discretion. In case of a loss, the next bet is doubled. If there is a win, then the amount is halved.

Since in the event of a loss, the size of the bet can increase to a too large amount, users can limit their actions to 2-3 steps.

REFERENCE! The increase in the size of the bet is due to the fact that the subsequent winnings exceed all the lost funds for the previous roulette spins.

Big Martingale strategy

The strategy can be modified at the discretion of the punter; it received several modifications at once. Big Martingale implies that only one number will be bet. The increase in the amount of the bet does not occur for the first 35 moves, then the bet is doubled.

If two numbers are closed, the bet is doubled after the 17th loss. The punter continues to place bets on the same numbers until he achieves a positive result.

What other modifications of the Martingale strategy are found:

  • Variable bets on red/black, even/odd. At the same time, the very essence of the strategy changes somewhat, since it is the repetition of the bet on the number that is the main criterion of the system.
  • A bet on dozens or columns with an increase of each step by 1.5 times.

Reverse Martingale Betting Strategy Differences

The reverse Martingale system is based on the fact that in a series of bets the punter finds himself in a series of failures or, conversely, a streak of luck. In this case, it will be possible to achieve maximum wins during a successful streak and minimize costs if the punter is unlucky. If the punter wins, he doubles the amount for the next launch, if he loses, he halves it.

What is D’Alembert’s Roulette Strategy?

The d’Alembert strategy is another old system that is also called the “Pyramid”. The bottom line is to increase the rates by 1 if you lose and decrease them by 1 if you win. Unlike Martingale, the amount increases gradually, the punter does not risk quickly losing his bankroll.

It is not always easy to win back the lost funds here, since the winning streak may not be enough to close the losses.

REFERENCE! In search of a progressive system, it is worth comparing the results when using Martingale and D’Alembert. Roulette demo versions allow you to try different variations for free.

Fibonacci strategy in roulette

Leonardo Fibonacci developed a mathematical sequence of numbers that were later used for roulette betting. It also implies increasing the bet every time you lose and decreasing it when you win. But there are some peculiarities here – the progression of numbers is formed by adding the two previous numbers. This will be the size of the next bet in the event of a losing streak.

The Fibonacci sequence looks like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987 and so on. The only difference from its initial progression when used in roulette is that the first sum is 1 (0 is excluded from the series). So, the punter lost 1, bet 1 again, followed by 2 (1 + 1). The fourth bet (1 + 2) will be 3 and so on up to large amounts. There is a very low probability that the punter will be so unlucky that he will reach such large bet sizes.

If there is a win, the next bet “rewinds” the punter’s actions by two previous steps. For example, if the win occurred on the sum of 21, then the number 8 will be chosen after it. This allows you not to go into a big minus in case of unsuccessful moves.

What is the secret of James Bond’s strategy?

In the James Bond strategy, the distribution of the bet amount goes by numbers. The punter will need to close a large range of numbers on the field and to close the cells, the bankroll must be at least 200 New Zealand dollars.

The punter bets $ 140 on numbers 19-36, $ 50 on 13-18, and the remaining $ 10 on 0. This closing of the cells gives a very high chance of winning. In the event that numbers from 1 to 12 have dropped out, the next bet will need to be doubled. If the bet is successful, you should stop and not bet any more money, at least for a day.

All-In betting strategy – what is it?

The All-In strategy is a bet on one number of the entire available bankroll. This action can be performed once or many times in a row. The bet is very risky as the probability of hitting one number is really low. The punter can lose the entire bankroll at a time, but if he wins, he will receive a very large amount.

There is also a strategy that implies exactly one bet per day, on one number. This is repeated daily until you win.

Constant betting strategy

The constant betting strategy involves repeating the same actions over and over again. The punter covers the same range of numbers as the previous time. Sooner or later, the winning number will fall into the specified progression, it also happens that the same numbers appear repeatedly several times in a row.

Labouchere’s unpredictable roulette system

The Labouchere system implies a constant change in the size of the bet. The punter himself creates a short progression of four numbers. The first bet will be made on a number equal to the sum of the two extreme numbers in the progression. In case of a win, two internal numbers are added.

For example, the system is 1, 3, 5, and 4. In this case, first, the bet is made on 5 (1 + 4), then on 8 (3 + 5) if you win. If there is a loss, then one more number is assigned at the end of the progression. Subsequent actions are performed according to the same principle – extreme ones are formed.

REFERENCE! The advantage of the Labouchere method is the unpredictability of the punter’s actions. Since the numbers are also randomized, there are high chances of hitting the desired cell.

Effective Tips for Winning Online Roulette for Qiwi Punters

Regardless of whether the punter uses betting strategies, there are recommendations that will help reduce the risks in the game:

  • Set the maximum spending limit for a series of bets. In order not to lose more than the available amount, it is important to set the maximum bankroll in advance and not go beyond it in attempts to recoup. This can significantly damage the budget. It is important to understand that gambling is designed for entertainment, not for additional income.
  • Choose a more profitable version of roulette. The American version of the game has a lot of fans, but due to the extra cell “00,” reduces the punters’ chances of winning. French is considered the most profitable model of all, followed by European.
  • Use demo modes. The free mode helps you get acquainted with the rules of the game, understand its nuances and choose the type of strategy. The demo version exactly copies the paid gameplay but does not allow you to make real bets and win money. The user receives a virtual loan.
  • Choose reliable casinos. It is important to register with an online casino with a license. This guarantees the availability of original software, a fair play process and reliable payments to the account. Only on such platforms can you win.
  • Register on the site, even if the “Demo” mode is selected. Registration allows you to receive no deposit bonuses if such are provided in an online casino. Even if they are not present at the moment, they can be received by a registered member unexpectedly as a gift. Then there will be a real chance to win money. This is not possible before registration. At the same time, creating an account takes only 2 minutes and does not require entering personal documents.

Useful tips on online roulette help especially novice punters who have not yet developed their own rules for the game.

The risks in roulette always slightly exceed the chances of winning, since the advantage is directed towards the online casino. Depending on the choice of roulette, the indicators of the percentage of the share of the casino also differ. The least profitable is the game the American version. This is due to the presence of two Zero cells at once. Here the casino’s share is 5.26%. In the European model – 2.7%, and in the French – 1.35-2.7% (depending on the rates).

Roulette has equal odds of hitting any number. Each punter has the opportunity to win on the first spin or after a series of bets. The lowest odds occur when the punter covers just one number. Further, the more numbers on the field are closed, the more chances of winning. Depending on this, the coefficient of winnings also grows – for one number you can get x37 of the bet amount, and for hitting red/black only x2.


Betting strategies are a fun way to try your luck. Despite the fact that they have no guaranteed basis for winning, many punters find the systems to be very effective. The best way to get an idea of the strategies is to try them out at roulette. In this case, you can use both demo versions of tables and paid mode. The main condition is to always register on sites with an official license.


Do strategies really help you win?

Strategies do not guarantee wins, and there is no scientific evidence that they work. Nevertheless, there are many fans of these systems who are confident in their effectiveness. To form your own opinion, it is best to try playing with different strategies and without them, for example, in demo mode.

What can you do to improve your chances of winning at roulette?

You should place bets on several numbers at once - a dozen, even/odd, red/black. Closing several cells at once significantly increases the chances of winning.

Is it possible to beat the casino at roulette?

Roulette is set to randomly drop numbers, so all punters have a chance to win. The odds are highest in the French version of the game, followed by the European, and the last - the American.

Which strategy is the best?

Each strategy has its own advantages. The Martingale system allows you to zero out losses on one win since there is a rapid increase in rates from turn to turn. Using D'Alembert's practice will help you play slower, keeping your bankroll safe even when you lose.

What is the difference between the progressive betting system in roulette?

The progressive strategy is based on calculating the financial component of the rates. It helps you get the most out of your winnings and minimize losses. The system does not affect the process of dropping out numbers. The punter can choose which numbers to place bets on.

Which system is the safest for the budget?

D'Alembert helps to keep a bankroll for a long time, since the increase in rates is only 1 step, and not twice. Otherwise, all systems can be considered safe, they only regulate the size of investments.

Do roulette strategies work?

There is no officially confirmed effectiveness of the strategies. But their long history and popularity among gamblers indicate that strategies are likely to help win. Do not forget that their creation took place on the basis of mathematical calculations.

Are there any non-progressive roulette strategies, which ones?

Yes, non-progressive systems (or fixed ones) include the order of closing numbers, but they do not indicate how much to bet. This is at the discretion of the punter. Such systems include the James Bond strategy, Labouchere strategy, Column and Dozen Sequence.

How to win at roulette using a strategy?

To increase the chances of winning with a strategy, it is enough to follow the described procedure exactly.

What is the best bet in roulette when playing by the strategy?

A bet on black/red, even/odd, high/low, columns or dozen is the most profitable because it gives you an increased chance of winning. At the same time, the win rate decreases. However, the probability of getting into a bet by closing one number is significantly lower and carries the highest risks.

What number appears in roulette more often than others when using a strategy?

All numbers come out in random order. There is no way to predict which one will fall out, as well as which one will fall out more often than others.

Is it true that most strategies do not work and do not bring benefits?

Rather, it can be said that their effectiveness has not been proven. However, many punters are convinced that strategies help them win.

How effective is the progressive roulette strategy?

Progressive methods help to control the bankroll and, if successful, win larger funds, as well as reduce the size of losses. They do not affect the flow of the game itself.

Is it possible to increase the win by doubling the bet after losing using the Martingale strategy?

In theory, yes, because after a series of losses, a win will still come, which will help to win back the lost money.

Where can I find software to help determine winning bets?

Even if there is software that helps to hack the roulette system in online casinos, such actions will be immediately disclosed by the site administration. This will result in blocking the user without withdrawing funds. You shouldn't look for ways to cheat the system.

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