Best Casino Bonuses for Kiwi

Updated: December 5, 2022

There are many different bonuses available at modern online casinos. Each institution uses its own methods to attract and encourage players, it is rather difficult to develop a unified classification of bonuses.

What is a bonus? Simply put, it is an incentive offered by an online casino to attract new players, keep older players interested in their brand, and in both cases increase the level of play through additional funds. The most popular New Zealand top sites with profitable promotions are on top of the following:

100% up to 225 NZD + 100 Free Spins
First Deposit Bonus
5 of 5
100% up to 300 NZD and 100 Free Spins
Welcome package
5 of 5
100% on a deposit up to 525 NZD + 100 free spins
First deposit bonus
5 of 5
100% up to 150 NZD +100 free spins
Welcome offer
5 of 5
180 free spins
Welcome bonus
5 of 5
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How to get online casino bonuses in NZ

Casino bonuses are awarded to new players for:

  • after registration, the player will receive a free starting casino bonus: money to the account from home, free spins, etc. Promotions depend on the specific institution.
  • Bonus codes are special characters and numbers that, when entered into a special line, activate additional features. Bonus codes are divided into two groups: 1) open and 2) closed. In the first case, the codes are in the public domain – on thematic sites, and forums. In the second, the codes are limited to a certain circle of people.

Best bonuses for old players:

  • Participation in tournaments. Tournaments are held regularly by most gambling establishments. Please refer to the bonus section for availability.
  • periodic bonuses. These appear on casino sites on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Usually, such bonuses can be obtained from the player’s personal account.
  • bonus codes;
  • VIP program;

Types of online casino bonuses NZ

In a broad sense, online casino bonuses refer to any gifts, prizes and promotions that online casinos offer to new and regular customers. Bonuses can be sorted by different criteria, the most common types of rewards you may encounter at an online casino are:

Casino welcome bonus for new players

This is the most popular type of online casino bonus. It is intended for visitors who have just registered with the institution. The introductory bonus can be credited in different ways, the choice of which depends solely on the advertising policy of each casino.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is one of the types of casino promotions. So, the platform credits players with money to their accounts without the need to make a deposit. Therefore, users have a great opportunity to explore a new bet or entertainment with minimal risk.

Free Spins at Online Casinos

Free spins are offered to new customers or provided to regular players. Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Number of spins;
  • Available slot machines;
  • Range of stakes;
  • Maximum payout;
  • The requirement to wager winning credits;
  • Duration of the action;
  • Compatibility with other bonuses.

The conditions for their accrual may vary:

  • Free spins without a deposit – calculated as a welcome bonus for new players;
  • Regular free spins – provided to regular customers, in the form of daily or other periodic promotions;

In honour of birthdays and so on. Free spins are very popular at modern online casinos, and there is no reason to believe that they will be less sought after in the near future.

Reload bonus New Zealand

Reload bonus New ZealandA reload is a deposit bonus. It is charged for the deposit as a percentage and depends on the size of the deposit.

Reload! The rewards for the Reload bonus can be in the form of deposit bonuses and free spins. Some prizes are awarded to all users without exception, others – only to people who have made a deposit with a specific payment system.

They also have their own requirements: minimum deposit and wagering requirements.

Referral Bonus

To attract a new audience, casinos often use “bring a friend – get a bonus” promotions. So, if a new entrant registers and indicates the details of the game account or the account number of the person who invited him or her, or if a newcomer clicks on a link sent by his or her friend, the latter will receive bonuses from the online gambling platform. There are two reward systems for referring a friend:

  • The member receives a fixed amount as a bonus regardless of the amount contributed by the friend.
  • The payout is a percentage of the friend’s deposit. In this case, the incentive amount can be higher.

Cashback Online Bonus NZ

Cashback is the return of a portion of the customer’s lost funds to the casino. Its amount is expressed as a percentage. Important! Cashback to your balance can be received as:

  • counting free spins;
  • money that is deposited into your account;

Cashback is provided for:

  • For customers with high status;
  • For all players who have entered negative territory during the week and/or month. This auction will motivate users to keep trying their luck and believe in winning!

VIP bonus NZ and high roller

High rollers or “whales” are VIP players, professionals who make large bets at the casino: from €20 to €5000. Often only thriving casinos can afford to invite high rollers to play. They belong to a privileged category of customers.

Each “whale” on the platform is a valuable guest, so he is usually assigned a personal manager. This manager studies the gambler’s interests and according to them selects the types of bonuses and events that will appeal to the high-roller. The most common types of high roller incentives are:

  • deposit bonuses;
  • good cash back;
  • reduced (or no) withdrawal limit and accelerated withdrawals;
  • individualized loyalty program;
  • exclusive games and tournaments;
  • increased chances in draws;
  • individual live tables;

Loyalty Bonus New Zealand

Gaming platform loyalty programs are reward systems offered to players who regularly visit casinos. Their purpose is to motivate recipients to stay on the platform and continue making deposits, as users receive points for doing so.

Loyalty programs typically have 3 to 6 levels: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and elite / VIP. Basic levels usually provide players with daily free spins and regular promotions. Higher levels open up access to better promotions, status updates, unique offers and personalized rewards.

Promotional codes

A promotional code is a specific combination of numbers and letters that is used to receive casino bonuses. There are two types of codes:

  • Available to beginners only, upon registration. The code is copied and entered into a special registration form.
  • Individual codes for regular customers can only be entered in the personal user profile.

For entering promotional codes players can receive various rewards: free spins, cashback, transfer of funds to the account, etc.

Casino Deposit Bonus

Casino Deposit Bonus is awarded when you replenish your gaming account.

For example, when topping up for the amount of NZD 100, the player can receive up to 100% of the bonus, which is another NZD 100 to play with. In most gambling institutions the rule is that the bigger the reload amount is, the bigger bonus you will get. In some casinos, the bonuses reach tens of thousands of dollars.

They are of two types:

  • The fixed payment amount that does not depend on the deposit amount;
  • Interest: in the amount of a certain percentage of the amount deposited.


Online casino tournaments are contests in a specific game in which other participants compete against each other for the winnings and prize money. The prize is paid by the gambling establishment. According to financial investment, tournaments are divided into:

  • Freerolls are tournaments without a tournament fee;
  • Subscription – participants must make a contribution. Usually, it is a small amount, but in this case, the winnings will also be higher than in freerolls.

Tournaments vary in duration:

  • One-Shot – one-time contest;
  • One-Shot – one-time contest
  • Survivor-elimination competition;
  • Multi-round tournaments;

Daily, weekly and monthly casino promotions

Depending on the time frame, special favourable offers can be divided into:

  • Daily are casino offers that are valid on specific days. They are available to a large number of players, but are never very large;
  • Weekly promotions;
  • Monthly – can be downloaded automatically or by a code provided by the managers. Codes should be entered in a special window in the customer profile. Usually, the procedure for calculating the bonus is described in detail in the terms and conditions on the official website.

Reference! Most of these promotions apply to all participants, but there are also bonuses for players with a certain status.

Live Casino Bonus

Live Casino or Live Casino is a live gambling game that provides the opportunity to interact with dealers “live”. While playing online, users can earn:

  • Deposit in a certain amount;
  • Cashback;
  • Bonus without deposit in the form of accruing the game’s virtual “currency” (for example, tokens);

Casino bonuses when using a specific payment method

When using certain payment methods offered by the administration of the platform, the user is granted bonuses in percentage or other beneficial offers.

Birthday bonuses at casinos

The casino birthday bonus is offered at almost all online gambling establishments. It is still available for a few days after Christmas. The validity period should be specified separately so that free spins are not burned out.

What should birthday players expect?

For regular users and newcomers, birthday gifts are provided. These go to account holders who have made deposits to their personal accounts. They are divided into two types:

  • Freespins on various slot machines, including new slots from popular developers. The number of free spins can reach up to several hundred;
  • Refills for a certain amount – this can be spent at the discretion of the account holder, but usually, the money must be wagered on the machines.

Frequently, when receiving a birthday gift from a casino, you cannot simply withdraw funds from your personal account to your e-wallet and bank card.

In short, an online casino bet is a multiplication of your bonus, which needs to be wagered (rolled over) so that the bonus money turns into real money and you can withdraw your big winnings from the casino. The main prerequisite for a good bonus is to be able to wager it easily. The higher the ratio, the longer and more difficult the recovery. Another important criterion is the transparent conditions of receiving the bonus from the casino for users.

How to use casino bonuses correctly?

So you have found the right casino, made a deposit and received the bonus with the right bet.

Example: You made a deposit of $200 and received a bonus of this amount of 100% and a bet of the bonus amount x40. Now we have $400 in our account. However, in order to transfer the €200 bonus funds into real money, you need to wager (spin) the amount of $8000 ($200 bonus amount multiplied by 40 times).

The correct use of lucrative offers depends on the type of bonus:

  • No deposit (casino reload reward) – highest bet;
  • Bonuses on deposit (casino reload reward) – highest bet;
  • Deposit bonuses have a low bet, therefore they will be easier to claim.

Which slots offer the best bonuses in NZ?

When you enter any online casino, you will find a huge number of slot machines.

And if you start playing the first games you encounter without a second thought, you will most likely lose not only your bonus money but also your deposit very quickly! After all, there are slots that can spin 1000 spins without any winnings (high volatility). Others, on the contrary, will create the appearance of a game, thus gradually “eating” the balance (low volatility).

When wagering on a bonus you need two things:

  • Increase your balance in the first stage of the game with the bonus!
  • Maintain your balance in the second stage of the game with the bonus!

The first stage of the game with bonus – increase balance

All the slots shown do an excellent job of maintaining balance:

  • Geisha from Endorphina;
  • Voodoo from Endorphina;
  • Da Vinci’s Treasure – Pragmatic Play;

The second stage of betting bonuses – maintaining balance

Yes, if you were successful and managed to double, triple or multiply your starting balance, now it’s time to save it, get your bet back and put the money towards your payout!

And this task is already much easier because here you have to choose slots with low volatility. And it is much more difficult to lose balance in them. True and something significant to win.

But at this stage, the most important thing for us is to keep it. And here the following games are perfect:

  • Game Blood Suckers from provider Netent;
  • Slot Electric Sam from provider Elk Studios;
  • Elk Studios – Taco Brothers.

What will you be up against if you are hoping for a free startup bonus?

Free startup bonusBonuses come with a long list of conditions that you need to keep in mind in order to successfully enjoy the benefits of the casino and not be spotted abusing them. The wagering or wagering requirement shows how much the player has to recover in order to withdraw funds from the gaming account. You need to understand that no one is going to give you money that easily, which is why there are rules for using it.

Terms and conditions for using casino bonuses

The conditions for granting bonuses to customers are determined by the regulations of individual institutions. There are no regulations and requirements common to all online casinos in the gambling industry. Therefore, carefully study the user agreements, even at establishments of the same network.

They can vary significantly. Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Time frame;
  • Betting condition;
  • Game limitation;
  • Maximum Stake;
  • Winnings limit;
Advantages and disadvantages of casino bonuses


  • Free to play
  • You can play against them at high limits
  • increase your chances of winning with minimal risk: in case of victory - a long-awaited triumph, in case of defeat - you lose not your funds, but bonuses or less.


  • are only awarded if certain rules are met and have a limited term.
  • A limited number of promotional offers.
  • Limits: Withdrawal limits: there is a fixed withdrawal amount; no way to leave the game after entering, even if you already know you are losing;

Many users are attracted by the big online casino NZ bonuses. However, soon after registration, the audience is disappointed: in the end, they never received the promised prize. But the reason is by no means an unscrupulous casino, but the fact that players do not meet the conditions for calculating bonuses at online casinos.

The following ranking shows generous and safe online gambling platforms that cater to the needs of users:

  • Newcomers to Casino4u will be able to choose one welcome bonus from several, including for playing live casino games. A wide selection of top games, especially video slots.
  • FastPay Casino features big market hits as well as well-known, popular names. For the convenience of players, in addition to the standard variety of payment systems, they have introduced account deposit methods including Paysafecard and Trustly.
  • Eastern Godness – a large assortment of games: from video slots in the amount of 1200 amusements to board games. Available in New Zealand.
  • Wildblaster – Generous welcome bonus, exciting tournaments and daily gifts. Technical support, website and chat in the English language.
  • InstantPay. A wide range of games will continuously attract new users to this resource.

Bonuses at new online casinos

New gambling establishments continue to delight players with bonuses. But how do you make one choice among the many platforms? There are several criteria:

  • betting is a casino prerequisite when receiving bonuses. So in order to withdraw bonus funds from your account, you must “rollover” (lose) to spin.
  • Also, games that pay 97% (or more) of wagers combined with a low bet double your chances of winning.
  • The most important thing about bonuses is their skilful use in certain entertainment. There are specific types of promotions for each type of entertainment.

How to choose the Best Casino Bonus NZ?

Criteria for selection:

  • Availability of a license;
  • Availability of several methods of gambling;
  • generous choice of bonuses and clear terms of redemption;
  • RTP (Return to Player) percentage of “return to player”. Its value indicates how often the user can expect to win, so the higher the percentage, the more likely and more often he can win.


The online gambling industry is growing at a rapid pace. This is evidenced by the constant rate of emergence of new online gambling platforms. Each institution thus attracts a new audience with bonus offers, a large assortment of games and modern graphics. It is clear that such dynamics will continue in the near future, which cannot fail to please players.


What is a casino bonus?

These are certain types of incentives for players from gambling establishments. The bonuses are withdrawn when the conditions are met.

How to get a casino bonus in 2022?

Register using the links on the BNC website and get the best-verified offers from the top online casinos.

What is a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is a reward system that is given to regular players for active participation in the gaming process, the more experience, the more points and correspondingly generous offers.

What is a VIP casino bonus?

VIP offers are offered to players who play at high stakes. For meeting all the conditions of the institution, they receive additional services: the right to a personal gaming table, a personal manager and other privileges.

What is a welcome bonus or free online casino signup bonus?

The welcome bonus is a bonus given to all new users after registering an account in the game.

What casinos can I get a welcome bonus at?

Nearly all casino establishments give a welcome bonus to newcomers. For example, at FastPay Casino, Casino4u, Betsson Casino and other platforms.

What is a casino reload bonus?

These are bonuses that are given to regular customers of the establishment. Unlike the welcome package, such incentives can be received a lot, at some casinos - every time a player completes a game score.

What is the difference between free spins and a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is any reward given to a new player upon registration at a casino. It can be in the form of free spins, cash and more. Free spins are a type of bonus. They can be given to both new players for registration and regular players, for example, on their birthday. And even be bonuses in different slots, regardless of the casino you play.

What are the casinos with no deposit bonus 2022 for New Zealand players?

You can get a no deposit bonus at these establishments: FastPay 15 free spins, Casino4u - 15 free spins, Betchan, Spinia Casino, Red Box, and Bob Casino.

Should you take advantage of the casino bonus?

Of course, you should! It will give you a better chance of winning.

What are the deadlines?

Timeframes mean that there is a limited lead time/participation: from a certain date, month and up to a certain date. And after the specified time, bonuses are levelled, moved to another format, etc.

What is a bet?

In order to be able to transfer the bonus into real money, the player must adhere to certain conditions of the institution. For example, the player will have to first spend a certain amount from his account before he can withdraw the bonus presented to him.

Can I receive free spins that are not subject to wagering requirements?

Unfortunately no. Such bonuses are extremely rare.

Can I cancel my bonus?

You can refuse by contacting the casino manager.

What does it mean that the bonus is expressed as a percentage?

A bonus amount expressed as a percentage refers to a percentage of the deposit amount. For example, in the case of a 200% bonus on a deposit of up to $1000, on a deposit of £500, the bonus funds will be $1000.